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Separation of 18 common amino acid standards

作者: admin   2019-08-13 18:42


Huiling LU, SinoUnison Technology Co., Ltd. (SUT)

Experimental background

As an important class of nutrients, amino acids are widely studied in the literature. For analyzing amino acids, different methods have been reported, while the separation efficiency strongly depends on many factors(mobile phases and the gradients, derivating reagent and its usage, column, etc.) In fact, many author did not show a perfect separation in their studies.

In this paper, we used a pre-column derivatization method and SVEA HPLC Column C18 5μm 110 Å 4.6*250mm column for a perfect separation of amino acid standards by HPLC. This method

effectively avoids the use of expensive amino acid-specific analytical columns and amino acid analyzer。


Column: SVEA HPLC Column C18 5μm 110Å 4.6*250mm

Serial no: 1801054

Instrument: HPLC

Mobile phase: A: 0.05mol/L Phosphate buffer ;

                        B: Acetonitrile : water = 1:1

Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min 

Column temperature:40 °C

Detector:UV 360nm


Injection volume: 10μL

Analyte: Mixture of 18 common amino acid standards



Using SVEA HPLC Column C18 5μm 110Å 4.6*250mm in the analysis of the above 18amino acid standards, a perfect separation with excellent peak shapes can be obtained。

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